January 1, 2021


Platonic Fullerene Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Liberty, Freedom, Science and the US Constitution

Dear peruser, this article has been composed for examination by more than 6000 nano-researchers. Its subject recommends to the overall population that moral nanotechnology has a significant task to carry out in achieving another time of worldwide freedom and opportunity. It tends to be contended this can come to fruition if nanotechnology is created in contact with a clinical science, to direct praising government for the improvement of the worldwide human condition. While the article is about the fractal idea of Mesopotamian fanciful arithmetic, it is completely understood that other antiquated societies, including Indian and Chinese civilisations, contributed limitless fractal numerical ideas into the development of the old third Century BC Platonic custom of Greek science.

Conversations about legislative issues, sex and religion will in general incite extreme discussion. Be that as it may, this paper is about a wide speculation of every one of the three of these combative issues. They are mind boggling to such an extent that solitary a supercomputer, given a large number of long periods of information could sufficiently clarify their working in the extraordinary round of life, which is identified with sound human development.

During the 1990s, the Science-Art Research Center of Australia had its supercomputer papers about shell life-structure energies reproduced by the world’s driving innovative research organization, IEEE., and an American Institute for Basic Research. These papers were globally acclaimed for the revelation of new numerical and material science laws overseeing ideal natural development and advancement through space-time. The point of this article is to help in the development of a subsequent supercomputer program, which can be alluded to as the Fuller-Snow ‘World Game Cooperative Theory’ for human endurance.

China’s most exceptionally granted physicist, Kun Huang, gave the examination technique used to make the revelation of the new material science laws conceivable. He contended actually with Albert Einstein over the issue. Presently, nanotechnology has affirmed that his shell counsel in 1979 applies straightforwardly to the human condition.

The antiquated Egyptians utilized the sacrosanct geometries of life to give an instinctive articulation of the working of an unending universe. Standard science currently understands that they were utilizing parts of fractal geometrical rationale reaching out to vastness. In any case, our present worldwide science and innovation restricts that geometrical rationale to have a place with any living transformative procedure. Einstein’s virtuoso would now be able to be genuinely deified by adjusting it so his all inclusive energies of tumult are appeared to snare with these tragically deceased old interminable life energies.

The twentieth Century Einsteinian world-see was administered by a law of general tumult that requests that all life known to man must get terminated. Consequently, under these conditions the living procedure can’t in any way, shape or form reach out to limitlessness. Be that as it may, nanotechnology has shown that the antiquated Greek science was right.

The human atom of feeling, found in 1972, presently some portion of quantum science’s snare with Einstein’s quantum mechanics, is, truth be told, an unending fractal articulation. Our feelings work in complete inconsistency to the laws administering our present damagingly imbalanced science and innovation.

This implies, as was found just a century ago, feelings have a place with Sir Isaac Newton’s progressively significant normal way of thinking to adjust his mechanical depiction of the universe. It is significant that his reality see is liberated from any further Christian arrangement of this being a criminally crazy apostasy. Newton held to his increasingly significant ideas of a boundless universe, when he composed his extraordinary speculations of science. This is obvious in his own letters to Richard Bentley, in which he connected gravity with light, to give developmental guidance to the human digestion. It is irrational to demand that irregular exhaust from his speculative chemistry research center brought about a criminally crazy brain, simultaneously when he was achieving such things.

The current uneven logical world-see establishes a political bad dream of worldwide extents. With alteration, this can be sufficiently tended to as a clinical supercomputer program, working to direct recognizing governments all through the world. The resultant innovation, for the advancement of the human condition, is past the origination of present lopsided standard science. Be that as it may, given the chance, there are sufficient educated researchers to create the PC program, because of the researcher Kun Huang. It is currently conceivable to expand the shell look into so as to get the quantum organic outline for human endurance.

During the sixth Century BC the Greek geometer, Thales, ventured out to Egypt to contemplate political morals. Tailing him in the fifth Century BC, the mathematician, Pythagoras, additionally considered political morals in Egypt. They took back to Greece the numerical structure of Western Democracy. The Greek rationalist Anaxagoras had inferred a hypothesis of creation from the fanciful scientific speculations of the Egyptian maker god Atum (Atom), referenced in the ‘Pyramids Texts’. At that point, for more than 200 years the Platonic custom of Greek way of thinking intertwined morals into Anaxagoras’ hypothesis of creation. This was so as to create science so civilisation would not get wiped out, as had other living things found as fossils.

Parts of nano-science show that the resultant science had effectively connected arithmetic to the living procedure, in accordance with the functions of an interminable universe. This is in opposition to the ethos of Einstein’s hypothesis of relativity, which he got from Babylonian fanciful science.

During the third Century BC two Greek life-sciences appeared. one was known as the ‘Science for moral closures’ fusing nuclear Platonic love and the other was the ‘Study of general love’, in light of Epicurean enthusiastic nuclear hypothesis. These sciences came to fruition to control praising government, so people could have their impact inside an endless moral all inclusive reason, hence staying away from elimination. Close by, in the Mystery Schools of Babylon, love of the consecrated geometries was propelled by the lessons of Ishtar, the Goddess of sexual prostitution and fighting.

Plato comprehended that once a physical nuclear science completely governed civilisation, as it does today, the ancient weapons contest inheritance would one day quicken, setting off the development of the damaging properties of old Egypt’s comprehension of early stage all inclusive disarray. Plato’s idea ‘abhorrent’ was about the counter life properties of atomic unformed issue spreading as a fixation into the mind of civilisations. Different national governments, frail to stop the atomic weapons contest in view of legislative national security laws, would in the end achieve the tumult of all out devastation upon civilisation. Nanotechnology then again, could step in to give a clinical science, free vitality, nourishment and water, over the globe, so as to keep this bad dream circumstance from occurring.

Harvard University Press informs that the resurrection with respect to the lost Greek nuclear sciences was prompted by Marcilio Ficino, during the fifteenth Century. He utilized the book, ‘Plato’s Theology’ to make what is currently called the Great Italian Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci, as opposed to mainstream thinking, was not a focal figure to that Renaissance.

The mathematician, Fibonacci, showed Leonardo the holy geometrical scientific ethos having a place with the Mystery Schools of Babylon, which loved fighting. Then again, the incorporation of Platonic love as a property of the iotas of the spirit (the particle of feeling found by Candace Pert in 1972) had put nuclear morals into the numerical conditions that Fibonacci acquired from the Babylonian Mystery Schools.

The American architect, Buckminster Fuller, who composed the book ‘Perfect world or Oblivion’ completely comprehended the idea of Plato’s dismal notice and understood that we should adjust the Einsteinian comprehension of all inclusive vitality, or die. Harvard University’s Novartis Professor Amy Edmondson, in her on-line life story entitled ‘A Fuller Explanation’, composed that in his fervor to compose his hypotheses, Fuller fail to disclose to the open that his thoughts for humankind’s endurance were gotten straightforwardly from Plato’s scientific research.

The atomic researcher, Sir C P Snow, additionally composed a book about the need to spare civilisation from breakdown, because of the predominant Einsteinian comprehension of all inclusive vitality. He thought of it as basic to connect present day science back to the way of life of the Platonic Humanities. In 2008 the Times Literary Supplement distributed that it believed Snow’s book to be among the 100 most significant books composed since World War II.

The Christian Church, during the fifth Century AD, devastated the Great Library of Alexandria and killed its overseer, the mathematician, Hypatia. Holy person Augustine at that point exiled Plato’s arithmetic just like crafted by the Devil, confusing it with the science related with the lessons of Ishtar, the Babylonian Goddess of war and prostitution. Augustine had deciphered the abhorrence of unformed issue in the particle as the shrewdness of female sexuality, later blamed for the awful sexual rituals that the Christian Church foam overlooked.

The twisted tormenting and consuming alive of endless quantities of ladies and young lady kids as witches was rehearsed for a long time until the mid seventeenth Century. In the eighteenth Century the Church’s over the top restriction to antiquated Greek scientific nuclear science, as crafted by the Devil, was moved into the very texture of the Constitution of the United States of America, without the American individuals acknowledging what had occurred.

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